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The 20 Most Liked American Sports Teams on Facebook

The Los Angeles Lakers Are The Facebook Champions With 20 Million Likes

The Los Angeles Lakers Are The Facebook Champions With 20 Million Likes

The New England Patriots received their five-millionth Facebook like today, which got me wondering – what exactly does that mean? Is it good? Where does that number of likes fit in amongst other NFL teams – or MLB, NBA and NHL teams, for that matter?

Ninth overall…and third amongst football teams. The Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have more.

But the world of Facebook likes is ruled at the top by basketball, you see. Four NBA teams – the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics – swipe the most likes of all. The Lakers have four times as many likes as the Patriots, in fact – over 20 million.

Why is that? Is it because the NBA’s fanbase is more social-media connected or savvy? Is it because NBA basketball has a greater global reach than any of the four North American sports? Everybody plays b-ball.

NFL football, though, is just huge and it’s spread out. The game is at its peak of popularity – and still peaking, yet. Eight NBA teams make the top 20 most Facebook-liked American sports teams, but 10 NFL teams make it, including seven in the bottom half.

Baseball? The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox squeeze in there at fifth and tenth, respectively.

Hockey? Not one. The Chicago Blackhawks make the NHL’s first appearance in 30th with 2.13M likes.

Click on the team’s link below to visit its official Facebook page. Numbers are rounded and as of the date of this post.

1. Los Angeles Lakers 20.09M NBA Basketball
2. Chicago Bulls 14.51M NBA Basketball
3. Miami Heat 13.46M NBA Basketball
4. Boston Celtics 8.29M NBA Basketball
5. New York Yankees 7.60M MLB Baseball
6. Dallas Cowboys 6.71M NFL Football
7. Pittsburgh Steelers 5.61M NFL Football
8. New York Knicks 5.12M NBA Basketball
9. New England Patriots 5.00M NFL Football
10. Boston Red Sox 4.67M MLB Baseball
11. Oklahoma City Thunder 4.39M NBA Basketball
12. Green Bay Packers 4.22M NFL Football
13. San Antonio Spurs 3.82M NBA Basketball
14. New Orleans Saints 3.71M NFL Football
15. Chicago Bears 3.60M NFL Football
16. Dallas Mavericks 3.50M NBA Basketball
17. New York Giants 3.35M NFL Football
18. San Francisco 49ers 3.23M NFL Football
19. Denver Broncos 2.92M NFL Football
20. Philadelphia Eagles 2.61M NFL Football

Photo: facebook.com

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