NBA: Top 20 Active Players with the Highest Career Playoff Efficiency Ratings (PER)

LeBron James Has The Highest Career Postseason PER Amongst Actives

LeBron James Has The Highest Career Postseason PER Amongst Actives

LeBron James is also the King of postseason PER, or Player Efficiency Rating, at least amongst actives. PER “is a rating of a player’s per-minute productivity,” according to ESPN’s John Hollinger, who came up with the statistic. You can see his explanation here.

James is almost two-and-a-half points ahead of second-place Chris Paul – the widest margin anywhere in the top 20.

1. LeBron James 27.54 Miami Heat
2. Chris Paul 25.08 Los Angeles Clippers
3. Tim Duncan 24.72 San Antonio Spurs
4. Kevin Durant 24.45 Oklahoma City Thunder
5. Dirk Nowitzki 24.18 Dallas Mavericks
6. Dwight Howard 23.75 Houston Rockets
7. Dwyane Wade 23.08 Miami Heat
8. Amar’e Stoudemire 22.44 New York Knicks
9. Kobe Bryant 22.40 Los Angeles Lakers
10. Russell Westbrook 22.18 Oklahoma City Thunder
11. Kevin Garnett 21.12 Brooklyn Nets
12. Pau Gasol 20.78 Los Angeles Lakers
13. Carmelo Anthony 19.94 New York Knicks
14. Steve Nash 19.84 Los Angeles Lakers
15. Manu Ginobili 19.77 San Antonio Spurs
16. James Harden 19.66 Houston Rockets
17. Deron Williams 19.65 Brooklyn Nets
18. Chauncey Billups 19.11 Detroit Pistons
19. Vince Carter 18.99 Dallas Mavericks
20. Zach Randolph 18.51 Memphis Grizzlies

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