Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Quarterbacks with the Most Long Passing Touchdowns: 50 Yards or More, Regular Season

Johnny Unitas Threw The Most TD Bombs Of All Time

Johnny Unitas Threw The Most TD Bombs Of All Time

Three-time champion (two NFL and one Super Bowl) quarterback Johnny Unitas threw for more long touchdowns than anyone in NFL history, but Peyton Manning is closing in.

Unitas went deep for the score (50 yards or more) 51 times, the only QB to do it over 50 times in a career.

Manning sits at 42, one behind Brett Favre.

Two other actives make today’s list: Tony Romo, who surprisingly has more TD bombs in the books than the more experienced Drew Brees.

Below find the long arms of the NFL: top 20 QBs with the most 50-yard or more passing touchdowns.

Thanks to‘s play index, where I punched in this query, and where you can see every quarterback who threw for at least one touchdown that spanned half the grid or more.

1. Johnny Unitas 51 Baltimore Colts 1956-1973
2. John Hadl 46 San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Houston Oilers 1962-1977
3. Fran Tarkenton 44 Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants 1961-1978
4. Brett Favre 43 Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings 1991-2010
5. Peyton Manning 42 Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos 1998-Present
6. Jim Hart 39 St. Louis Cardinals 1966-1984
7. Len Dawson 38 Kansas City Chiefs 1957-1975
7. Sonny Jurgensen 38 Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins 1957-1974
9. Dan Marino 37 Miami Dolphins 1983-1999
10. Y.A. Tittle 36 San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants 1948-1964
11. Joe Montana 35 San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs 1979-1994
12. Norm Van Brocklin 34 Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles 1949-1960
12. George Blanda 34 Chicago Bears, Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders 1949-1975
14. Tony Romo 33 Dallas Cowboys 2004-Present
15. John Brodie 32 San Francisco 49ers 1957-1973
16. Charley Johnson 30 St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Oilers, Denver Broncos 1961-1975
16. Jim Kelly 30 Buffalo Bills 1986-1996
18. Drew Brees 29 San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints 2001-Present
18. Roman Gabriel 29 Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles 1962-1977
18. Warren Moon 29 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks 1984-2000
18. Otto Graham 29 Cleveland Browns 1946-1955



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