NFL Running Backs with the Most Long Rushing Touchdowns: 50 Yards or More, Regular Season

Barry Sanders Busting Out On Another One Of Those Long Touchdown Runs

Barry Sanders Busting Out On Another One Of Those Long Touchdown Runs

It’s part two of Sports List of the Day‘s three-part look at players with the most long touchdowns. Yesterday, we saw quarterbacks with the most long passing TDs. Today, how about running backs with rushing touchdowns of 50 yards or more?

And who has the most? Barry Sanders, with 15.

And, sadly on many fronts, who was poised to break that record, but might not get the chance (and certainly won’t in 2014, it is becoming apparent)? Adrian Peterson.

The great Jim Brown (high on just about every important career rushing list) and current New York Jet Chris Johnson are the only other two running backs in NFL history with 10 or more rushing touchdowns of at least 50 yards.

Recognize any of your personal fantasy RBs below? Some of these guys may not be the best running backs of all time (and most will never whiff the Hall of Fame), but surely they were go-to or filler players for your teams over the past 10+ years – Ahman Green, Fred Taylor, Warrick Dunn, Napoleon Kaufman and even actives MJD and DeAngelo Williams.

Hopefully you were playing them when they had their big runs.

Tomorrow, part three – receivers!

1. Barry Sanders 15 Detroit Lions 1989-1998
2. Adrian Peterson 13 Minnesota Vikings 2007-Present*
3. Jim Brown 12 Cleveland Browns 1957-1965
4. Chris Johnson 11 Tennessee Titans 2008-Present
5. Ollie Matson 8 St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles 1952-1966
5. Lenny Moore 8 Baltimore Colts 1956-1967
5. O.J. Simpson 8 Buffalo Bills 1969-1976
5. Robert Smith 8 Minnesota Vikings 1993-2000
5. Fred Taylor 8 Jacksonville Jaguars 1998-2010
10. Ahman Green 7 Green Bay Packers 1998-2009
10. Maurice Jones-Drew 7 Jacksonville Jaguars 2006-Present
10. DeAngelo Williams 7 Carolina Panthers 2006-Present
13. Tiki Barber 6 New York Giants 1997-2006
13. Jamaal Charles 6 Kansas City Chiefs 2008-Present
13. Terrell Davis 6 Denver Broncos 1995-2001
13. Tony Dorsett 6 Dallas Cowboys 1977-1988
13. Warrick Dunn 6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons 1997-2008
13. Napoleon Kaufman 6 Oakland Raiders 1995-2000
13. Joe Perry 6 San Francisco 49ers 1948-1963
13. Emmitt Smith 6 Dallas Cowboys 1990-2004
13. LaDainian Tomlinson 6 San Diego Chargers 2001-2011



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