Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals and the Longest Current World Series Title Droughts

The 1908 World Champion Chicago Cubs

The 1908 World Champion Chicago Cubs

And you thought the Kansas City Royals were bad. The Baltimore Orioles are even worse! And the Washington Nationals are worse than that, sort of.

With all the talk about the Royals finally making the postseason after a looong 28 years, you’d think it was the only team getting over a huge hump. Not even close.

The hapless Orioles have made the playoffs four times during that period (including 2014), but they’ve been waiting for a ring even longer than KC.

And the Nationals? Don’t get me started. Since moving to Washington, the Nats franchise has made the postseason twice (again, including this season) in 10 years. But, if you include the Montreal Expos, that’s just three playoff appearances in 46 years – and no title either. Top that.

Well, it’s hard to match those postseason numbers, but there are four other teams that have waited even longer for a championship than the Montreal-Washington franchise.

Two have never hoisted the Commissioner’s Trophy at all, both out of Texas. The Texas Rangers (1961, as the second iteration of the Washington Senators) and Houston Astros (1962, as the Colt .45’s) have never won the World Series.

The Cleveland Indians have been around since the National and American Leagues “unified” into Major League Baseball (1901, as the Cleveland Blues) and have two titles to their credit (1920 and 1948). But that last one, was their last one. It’s been 66 years.

Of course, though, no team in American sports can touch the accursed Chicago Cubs. There’s hardly a person alive that saw them win it all. It’s been over a century – 106 years, man!

You have to hand it to Cubs fans. Loyal, fervent bunch. Some of the best fans in baseball.

By the way, the Detroit Tigers haven’t won in longer than the Royals, either. And the Los Angeles Dodgers have been waiting a quarter-century, themselves.

1. Chicago Cubs 106 1908  
2. Cleveland Indians 66 1948  
3. Texas Rangers 54 None Includes Washington Senators II
4. Houston Astros 53 None Includes Houston Colt .45’s
5.* Washington Nationals 46* None Includes Montreal Expos
5. Milwaukee Brewers 46 None Includes Seattle Pilots
5. San Diego Padres 46 None  
8. Seattle Mariners 38 None  
9. Pittsburgh Pirates 35 1979  
10.* Baltimore Orioles 30* 1983  
11.* Detroit Tigers 29* 1984  
12.* Kansas City Royals 28* 1985  
12. New York Mets 28 1986  
14.* Los Angeles Dodgers 25* 1988  
14. Oakland Athletics 25 1989  
16. Cincinnati Reds 24 1990  
17. Minnesota Twins 23 1991  
18. Colorado Rockies 22 None  
19. Toronto Blue Jays 21 1993  
20. Atlanta Braves 19 1995  
21. Tampa Bay Rays 17 None Includes Tampa Bay Devil Rays
22. Arizona Diamondbacks 13 2001  
23.* Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 11* 2002  
23. Miami Marlins 11 2003 Includes Florida Marlins
25. Chicago White Sox 9 2005  
26. Philadelphia Phillies 6 2008  
27. New York Yankees 5 2009  
28.* St. Louis Cardinals 2* 2011  
29.* San Francisco Giants 1* 2012  
29. Boston Red Sox 1 2013  

* As of the date of this post, these teams are still alive in the postseason, so I have not added 2014 to their drought numbers (yet).



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