MLB: Pitchers with Three Wins in a Single World Series

Randy Johnson Won Three Games In The 2001 World Series

Randy Johnson Won Three Games In The 2001 World Series

Dominant Madison Bumgarner almost joined today’s list of pitchers with three wins in one World Series, a feat accomplished just 13 times in 110 Fall Classics (and with some caveats, at that).

After winning Games 1 and 5, Bumgarner wrapped up Game 7 last night with a five-inning relief effort – but only got the save. “Middle reliever” Jeremy Affeldt, who pitched just 2.1 innings, but happened to be in the game when the San Francisco Giants took the final 3-2 lead, got the win.

Think about the challenge of winning three games in one World Series. First of all, that’s the most. No pitcher has ever won four games in one go-round (in either a best-of-seven or best-of-nine Series).

No relief pitcher has ever done it, although some of these starters below notched a win in relief, like the last to do it, Randy Johnson (2001). Johnson is the only pitcher to win three games in a single World Series in almost 50 (!) years – since Bob Gibson in 1967.

A handful of the Series noted (and asterisked) below deserve some further explanation, and enhance the accomplishment we’re talking about, too.

The 1903* and 1920* World Series were best-of-nines and finished 5-3 and 5-2, respectively. The 1912*** World Series went eight games; Game 2 was a tie called for darkness. So for these three Series (and the four pitchers that won three games in them), there was more opportunity to earn an extra win.

In 1903**, two pitchers did it in the same Series on opposing teams, making the Pittsburgh PiratesDeacon Phillippe the only pitcher ever to win three games for the losing team.

The Pirates lost to the Boston Americans, now the Boston Red Sox, in that very first World Series.

1. Bill Dinneen 1903* 2, 6, 8 Boston Americans Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Deacon Phillippe 1903* 1, 3, 4 Pittsburgh Pirates** Boston Americans
3. Christy Mathewson 1905 1, 3, 5 New York Giants Philadelphia Athletics
4. Babe Adams 1909 1, 5, 7 Pittsburgh Pirates Detroit Tigers
5. Jack Coombs 1910 2, 3, 5 Philadelphia Athletics Chicago Cubs
6. Smoky Joe Wood 1912*** 1, 4, 8 Boston Red Sox New York Giants
7. Red Faber 1917 2, 5, 6 Chicago White Sox New York Giants
8. Stan Coveleski 1920* 1, 4, 7 Cleveland Indians Brooklyn Robins
9. Harry Brecheen 1946 2, 6, 7 St. Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox
10. Lew Burdette 1957 2, 5, 7 Milwaukee Braves New York Yankees
11. Mickey Lolich 1968 2, 5, 7 Detroit Tigers St. Louis Cardinals
12. Bob Gibson 1967 1, 4, 7 St. Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox
13. Randy Johnson 2001 2, 6, 7 Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Yankees

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  1. Randy Johnson never played a single game for the Arizona Cardinals….

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