MLB: Managers with Multiple Manager of the Year Awards

Buck Showalter Wins His Third Manager Of The Year Award; Matt Williams, His First.

Buck Showalter Wins His Third Manager Of The Year Award; Matt Williams, His First.

Baltimore Orioles skipper Buck Showalter won his third Manager of the Year award today – and for his third AL team, no less (the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees, too). Showalter is tied with three other managers with three awards apiece.

The Manager of the Year award has been bestowed since just 1983. Only two have won four: two long-timers, Bobby Cox (30 years) and Tony LaRussa (35 years). Both won it in both leagues, LaRussa with three different teams.

Jim Leyland, Lou Piniella, Bob Melvin and Davey Johnson also won it in both leagues.

Here’s every manager that won MOY more than once.

1. Bobby Cox 4 2005 NL Atlanta Braves
2004 NL Atlanta Braves
1991 NL Atlanta Braves
1985 AL Toronto Blue Jays
1. Tony La Russa 4 2002 NL St. Louis Cardinals
1992 AL Oakland A’s
1988 AL Oakland A’s
1983 AL Chicago White Sox
3. Buck Showalter 3 2014 AL Baltimore Orioles
2004 AL Texas Rangers
1994 AL New York Yankees
3. Dusty Baker 3 2000 NL San Francisco Giants
1997 NL San Francisco Giants
1993 NL San Francisco Giants
3. Jim Leyland 3 1992 NL Pittsburgh Pirates
1990 NL Pittsburgh Pirates
2006 AL Detroit Tigers
3. Lou Piniella 3 2008 NL Chicago Cubs
2001 AL Seattle Mariners
1995 AL Seattle Mariners
7. Bob Melvin 2 2007 NL Arizona Diamondbacks
2012 AL Oakland A’s
7. Davey Johnson 2 2012 NL Washington Nationals
1997 AL Baltimore Orioles
7. Jack McKeon 2 2003 NL Florida Marlins
1999 NL Cincinnati Reds
7. Joe Maddon 2 2011 AL Tampa Bay Rays
2008 AL Tampa Bay Rays
7. Joe Torre 2 1998 AL New York Yankees
1996 AL New York Yankees
7. Mike Scioscia 2 2009 AL Los Angeles Angels
2002 AL Anaheim Angels
7. Sparky Anderson 2 1987 AL Detroit Tigers
1984 AL Detroit Tigers
7. Tom Lasorda 2 1988 NL Los Angeles Dodgers
1983 NL Los Angeles Dodgers

Photos: Kathy Willens, AP via / Christian Petersen, Getty via


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