Head Coaches That Won Both College Titles and NFL Championships (or Super Bowls)

The Four Head Coaches Who Won Both College And NFL Titles

The Four Head Coaches Who Won Both College And NFL Titles

There are four coaches in the official history of American football (1869-Present) who have won both a college or NCAA title and a pro, NFL Championship or Super Bowl.

Before looking at today’s short list, you should be able to get one of the four right off the bat…he’s still coaching in the NFL today…

He is currently, in fact, the coach of the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Pete Carroll won Super Bowl XLVIII last season helming the Seattle Seahawks. He also won two college football national titles with the USC Trojans – sharing with LSU in 2003 and winning alone in 2004 (a title that was later vacated).

Two of the other three pro-am champion coaches won fairly recently, especially compared to the third, an old-timer who lent his own name to a team still playing today.

Those two modern coaches both won the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson won two back-to-back with the ‘Boys and the national college title with the Miami Hurricanes.

Barry Switzer won the 1995 Super Bowl with Dallas and three NCAA titles with the Oklahoma Sooners (over the course of three decades – now that’s quite a run).

Finally, there’s Paul Brown, who coached Ohio State to the AP national title in 1942 and then went on to win seven football championships coaching the Cleveland Browns (four in the AAFC and three more after the Browns joined the NFL).

Brown was the first coach of the Browns, and in fact the team is named after him. After coaching Cleveland for 17 years and a hiatus from the game for another six, in 1968 Brown became a founding investor in a new AFL team in Cincinnati that he dubbed the Bengals (and he was that team’s first head coach, as well). This guy got around Ohio.

But that is not even where Brown’s enormous influence on the game of football ends. In fact, it’s just where it begins and it extends way beyond one state. His impact was felt by every team then and today and his innovations are still thriving.


Learn more about Paul Brown at the Pro Football Hall of Fame site which declares that Brown, “more than any other person, is responsible for making pro football coaching the exact science it is today.”

Also check out these sources on this influential and legendary coach up there with Vince Lombardi and arguably even higher: ohiohistorycentral.org, cincymagazine.com and wikipedia entry.

Paul Brown Ohio State Buckeyes 1942 Cleveland Browns AAFC: 1946-1949, NFL: 1950, 1954, 1955
Barry Switzer Oklahoma Sooners 1974, 1975, 1985 Dallas Cowboys 1995
Jimmy Johnson Miami Hurricanes 1987 Dallas Cowboys 1992, 1993
Pete Carroll USC Trojans 2003 (T), 2004 (V) Seattle Seahawks 2013

Photos: Massillon Museum via cleveland.com / allposters.com / bleacherreport.com / nflalumni.org / switzerfamilyvineyards.com / zombiesinjamaica.worpress.com / lostlettermen.com / AP via ninerfans.com

Pictured top to bottom: Paul Brown, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and Pete Carroll


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