NFL: Rookies with the Most Receiving Touchdowns (All Time)

Randy Moss Had 17 Receiving Touchdowns His Rookie Season

Randy Moss Had 17 Receiving Touchdowns His Rookie Season

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2014 has been quite the season for the New York GiantsOdell Beckham, Jr. and the Tampa Bay BuccaneersMike Evans. Both wide receivers are making their marks in the rookie record books.

Yesterday, we saw how they rank amongst all-time rookies in receiving yards. In the final week, Beckham should crack the top five and Evans will become the 18th rookie receiver with 1,000 yards.

How are they faring with receiving touchdowns? Both have 11, just two away from second most by a rookie.

They’ll never catch Randy Moss, though. He’s at the top with 17.

1. Randy Moss 17 WR 1998 Minnesota Vikings
2. Billy Howton 13 WR 1952 Green Bay Packers
2. John Jefferson 13 WR 1978 San Diego Chargers
4. Mike Ditka 12 TE 1961 Chicago Bears
4. Bob Hayes 12 WR 1965 Dallas Cowboys
4. Harlon Hill 12 WR 1954 Chicago Bears
7. Odell Beckham 11 WR 2014 New York Giants
7. Mike Evans 11 WR 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7. Mike Williams 11 WR 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. Rob Gronkowski 10 TE 2010 New England Patriots
10. Bucky Pope 10 WR 1964 Los Angeles Rams
10. Bill Swiacki 10 WR 1948 New York Giants
10. Daryl Turner 10 WR 1984 Seattle Seahawks
10. Sammy White 10 WR 1976 Minnesota Vikings



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