Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith and the Top 20 NFL Players with the Most Postseason Receiving Yards

Reggie Wayne And Steve Smith Are Still Around - And They May Face Each Other In The 2014 Postseason If The Colts And Ravens Make It To The AFC Title Game

Reggie Wayne And Steve Smith Are Still Around – And They May Face Each Other In The 2014 Postseason If The Colts And Ravens Make It To The AFC Title Game

Yes. Reggie Wayne is still kicking…well, receiving. Sure there is T.Y. Hilton, but Andrew Luck managed to keep Wayne relevant, and get him the ball for 12 yards this Wild Card weekend.

That inches the still-alive Indianapolis Colts‘ receiver closer to third most receiving yards in playoff history.

Wayne’s in fourth now, just 33 yards behind 1970s/early 1980s Oakland Raider Cliff Branch – an anachronism on this list. Of the 20 players with the most postseason receiving yards, 15 made their marks post-1985.

Wayne will need an additional 26 yards to catch Michael Irvin in second. And it looks like he’ll return in 2015.

But he’ll never catch the all-time leader. Why, it’s Jerry Rice of course, nearly 1,000 yards ahead of Irvin.

Steve Smith is still smokin’ em out there, too. He pocketed over 100 yards in Round 1, putting him not far from 1,000 all together.

And Wes Welker will likely continue to climb the charts with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball in Round 2.

1. Jerry Rice 2,245 29 WR San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders 1985-2004
2. Michael Irvin 1,315 16 WR Dallas Cowboys 1988-1999
3. Cliff Branch 1,289 20 WR Oakland Raiders 1972-1985
4. Reggie Wayne 1,256 19 WR Indianapolis Colts 2001-Present
5. Andre Reed 1,229 21 WR Buffalo Bills 1985-2000
6. Hines Ward 1,181 18 WR Pittsburgh Steelers 1998-2011
7. Drew Pearson 1,105 22 WR Dallas Cowboys 1973-1983
8. Art Monk 1,062 15 WR Washington Redskins 1980-1995
9. John Stallworth 1,054 17 WR Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-1987
10. Anquan Boldin 1,033 14 WR Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers 2003-Present
11. Randy Moss 977 15 WR Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers 1998-2010, 2012
12. Steve Smith 957 10 WR Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens 2001-Present
13. Deion Branch 948 17 WR New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks 2002-2012
14. Lynn Swann 907 16 WR Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-1982
15. Marvin Harrison 883 16 WR Indianapolis Colts 1996-2008
16. Cris Carter 870 14 WR Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings 1987-2002
17. Rod Smith 860 13 WR Denver Broncos 1995-2006
18. Dallas Clark 847 12 TE Indianapolis Colts 2003-2013
19. Wes Welker 846 12 WR New England Patriots, Denver Broncos 2004-Present
20. Keith Jackson 834 13 TE Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers 1988-1996

* 1970-present (post-merger, modern AFC-NFC NFL). Includes playoff games and Super Bowl.

Please visit my source,, where I ran this query, and where you can see every player with at least 300 yards receiving in the postseason.

Photos: / Maddie Meyer, Getty via


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