NFL: Quarterbacks with the Fewest Passes in a Super Bowl

Bob Griese Threw Only Seven Passes In Super Bowl VIII - And Won!

Bob Griese Threw Only Seven Passes In Super Bowl VIII – And Won!

Want to win the Super Bowl? Don’t throw too many passes.

Yesterday, after checking out quarterbacks with the most pass attempts in a Super Bowl game, we saw it just doesn’t pay to air it out. Only three QBs with 40 or more passes in the Big Game went on to capture the Vince Lombardi Trophy (out of 20).

It’s exactly the opposite for quarterbacks with the fewest pass attempts in the Super Bowl. Seventeen of the 20 QBs who threw it less than 25 times won.

Miami Dolphins back-to-back winner Bob Griese holds the top two spots – and he’s the only starting/main quarterback to throw the rock under 10 times.

Terry Bradshaw is tied for third fewest – and appears below for three of the four 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl wins.

UPDATED LIST: Through Super Bowl XLIX. Russell Wilson only threw 21 times in Super Bowl XLIX in the Seattle Seahawks’ loss to the New England Patriots, becoming only the fourth loser in the bunch below (now out of 21). But it doesn’t debunk the theory. There was, in fact, one pass too many in that game for Wilson – a mistake that led to the loss. Otherwise, the Seahawks were on their way.

1. Bob Griese 7 VIII (1973) Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings W 24-7
2. Bob Griese 11 VII (1972) Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins W 14-7
3. Terry Bradshaw 14 IX (1974) Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings W 16-6
3. David Woodley 14 XVII (1982) Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins L 27-17
4. Len Dawson 17 IV (1969) Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings W 23-7
6. Terry Bradshaw 19 X (1975) Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys W 21-17
6. Ken Stabler 19 XI (1976) Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings W 32-14
6. Roger Staubach 19 VI (1971) Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins W 24-3
9. Jim McMahon 20 XX (1985) Chicago Bears New England Patriots W 46-10
10. Terry Bradshaw 21 XIV (1979) Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams W 31-19
10. Jim Plunkett 21 XV (1980) Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles W 27-10
10. Ben Roethlisberger 21 XL (2005) Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks W 21-10
10. Russell Wilson
21 XLIX (2014) Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots
L 28-24
14. John Elway 22 XXXII (1997) Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers W 31-24
14. Joe Montana 22 XVI (1981) San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals W 26-21
16. Troy Aikman 23 XXX (1995) Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers W 27-17
16. Bob Griese 23 VI (1971) Miami Dolphins Dallas Cowboys L 24-3
16. Bart Starr 23 I (1966) Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs W 35-10
16. Joe Theismann 23 XVII (1982) Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins W 27-17
20. Bart Starr 24 II (1967) Green Bay Packers Oakland Raiders W 33-14
20. Roger Staubach 24 X (1975) Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers L 21-17



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  1. Where would you put the over/under on Russel Wilson’s pass attempts on Sunday?

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