Los Angeles Lakers and the Most Valuable Teams in the NBA (2015)

Center Court Of The Most Valuable Team In The NBA, The Los Angeles Lakers

Center Court Of The Most Valuable Team In The NBA, The Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA is blowing up. Not since Sports List of the Day has been following Forbes’ annual survey of the most valuable NBA teams has there been such an across the board jump in team values.

And some big jumps – we’re talking a near doubling in values for some teams already worth a billion last season. What the?

Let’s step back a bit and review.

Take the two current most valuable teams, the Los Angeles Lakers (1) and New York Knicks (2), for an example.

Back in 2011, the Lakers were worth $643M (and the second most valuable team behind the Knicks’ $655M).

In 2012, the Lakers’ value jumped to first and $900M, ahead of the Knicks’ $780M. Nice leaps of $257M and $125M, respectively.

The flip-flop continued in 2013 with the most valuable Knicks coming in at $1.1B (+ $320M) and the Lakers at $1.0B (+ $100M), the first and only teams to breach a billion bucks.

In 2014, the Chicago Bulls joined the $1B club, making it three. The Knicks’ value increased $300M to $1.4B and the Lakers’ increased $350M to $1.35B.

Got all that? If not, check it again.

Big numbers and ups in value every year pretty much overall.

Nothing compared to 2015.

We’ve gone from three teams worth a billion to 11 teams (and another six on the cusp) in the space of a year.

In fact, as  Forbes’ Kurt Badenhausen noted in the 2015 rankings, the “average franchise is now worth $1.1 billion.”

The Lakers are No. 1 again – their jump in value is more than what they were completely worth in 2011, 2012 and 2013. They are now valued at $2.6B (from $1.35B).

The Knicks, too, jumped over $1 billion and are now worth $2.5B.

The Bulls’ value doubled and the Los Angeles Clippers‘ value nearly tripled.

All 30 teams have found a pot of gold in the offseason.

What is it?

A combination of recent and concurrent factors: TV, revenue sharing, a decrease in the players’ takes, Steve Ballmer’s bid for the Clips and more. Check out the full article for the in-depth.

1. (Up 1) 2 Los Angles Lakers $2.6B $1.35B $1.25B
2. (Down 1) 1 New York Knicks $2.5B $1.4B $1.1B
3. (Same) 3 Chicago Bulls $2.0B $1.0B $1.0B
4. (Same) 4 Boston Celtics $1.7B $875M $825M
5. (Up 8) 13 Los Angeles Clippers $1.6B $575M $1.025B
6. (Down 1) 5 Brooklyn Nets $1.5B $780M $720M
7. (Up 2) 9 Golden State Warriors $1.3B $750M $550M
8. (Down 2) 6 Houston Rockets $1.25B $775M $475M
9. (Down 2) 7 Miami Heat $1.175B $770M $405M
10. (Down 2) 8 Dallas Mavericks $1.15B $765M $385M
11. (Down 1) 10 San Antonio Spurs $1.0B $660M $340M
12. (Same) 12 Portland Trail Blazers $940M $587M $353M
13. (Up 2) 11 Oklahoma City Thunder $930M $590M $340M
14. (Up 4) 18 Toronto Raptors $920M $520M $400M
15. (Up 4) 19 Cleveland Cavaliers $915M $515M $400M
16. (Down 2) 14 Phoenix Suns $910M $565M $345M
17. (Up 4) 21 Washington Wizards $900M $485M $415M
18. (Down 3) 15 Orlando Magic $875M $560M $315M
19. (Up 1) 20 Denver Nuggets $855M $495M $360M
20. (Down 3) 17 Utah Jazz $850M $525M $325M
21. (Up 1) 22 Indiana Pacers $830M $475M $355M
22. (Up 5) 27 Atlanta Hawks $825M $425M $400M
23. (Down 2) 25 Detroit Pistons $810M $450M $360M
24. (Down 8) 16 Sacramento Kings $800M $550M $250M
25. (Down 1) 24 Memphis Grizzlies $750M $453M $297M
26. (Up 3) 29 Charlotte Hornets $725M $410M $315M
27. (Down 4) 23 Philadelphia 76ers $700M $469M $231M
28. (Same) 28 New Orleans Pelicans $650M $420M $230M
29. (Down 3) 26 Minnesota Timberwolves $625M $430M $195M
30. (Same) 30 Milwaukee Bucks $600M $405M $195M

Photo: lakersnation.com


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