The Top 20 Highest-Paid Players in the NHL (2014-15)

The Highest Paid Player In The NHL? You're Looking At Him: Nashville Predators' Captain Shea Weber.

The Highest Paid Player In The NHL? You’re Looking At Him: Nashville Predators’ Captain Shea Weber.

The first place Nashville Predators have the highest-paid player in the NHL, defenseman Shea Weber.

Weber’s making a paltry (by comparison to the other big three sports leagues) $14 million in 2014-15, a cool two mil over last season’s MVP, the Pittsburgh PenguinsSidney Crosby.

Only eight players (seven skaters and New York Rangers‘ goalie Henrik Lundqvist) will make $10 million or more this season.

Wow. The NHL has its biggest salaries under wraps, unlike the NBA, which we looked at yesterday.

Only three of the 20 (21 with ties) highest-paid players in hockey play for a losing team (eight in the NBA do, including six of the top nine).

Thanks to where you can see every NHLer’s salary.

1. Shea Weber $14M D Nashville Predators (39-12-6)
2. Sidney Crosby $12M C Pittsburgh Penguins (32-16-9)
3. Ryan Suter $11M D Minnesota Wild (28-21-7)
3. Henrik Lundqvist $11M G New York Rangers (34-16-5)
5. Alex Ovechkin $10M RW Washington Capitals (31-17-10)
5. Philip Kessel $10M RW Toronto Maple Leafs (23-30-5)
5. Claude Giroux $10M C Philadelphia Flyers (24-23-10)
5. Pavel Datsyuk $10M C Detroit Red Wings (32-14-10)
9. Evgeni Malkin $9.5M C Pittsburgh Penguins (32-16-9)
10. Eric Staal $9.25M C Carolina Hurricanes (20-29-7)
11. Corey Perry $9M RW Anaheim Ducks (35-15-7)
12. Ryan Getzlaf $8.75M C Anaheim Ducks (35-15-7)
13. Steven Stamkos $8M C Tampa Bay Lightning (35-18-6)
13. Dion Phaneuf $8M C Toronto Maple Leafs (23-30-5)
15. Rick Nash $7.9M LW New York Rangers (34-16-5)
15. Marian Hossa $7.9M RW Chicago Blackhawks (35-18-5)
17. Henrik Zetterberg $7.75M LW Detroit Red Wings (32-14-10)
18. Duncan Keith $7.6M D Chicago Blackhawks (35-18-5)
19. Tuukka Rask $7.5M G Boston Bruins (28-20-8)
19. Anze Kopitar $7.5M C Los Angeles Kings (26-18-12)
19. Patrice Bergeron $7.5M C Boston Bruins (28-20-8)



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