The NHL’s Current Team Mascots (Part 1 of 2)

The 2014-15 NHL Team Mascots

The 2014-15 NHL Team Mascots

Hey the NHL has mascots, too, you know ! and a bunch of them.

Sports List of the Day has already presented two of the big three sports’ team mascots recently: MLB (Part 1 / Part 2) and the NBA (Part 1 / Part 2)  – and here is the the third in the series, the NHL.

We’ll start with the Anaheim Ducks through the Minnesota Wild, and tomorrow, Part 2, the Montreal Canadiens to the Winnipeg Jets.

Only three teams do not have a mascot. One is below – the Edmonton Oilers. Find out the other two tomorrow!

Click on the pics below (and the top one above) for the full size photos.

Anaheim Ducks: Wildwing

Anaheim Ducks Mascot Wildwing

Arizona Coyotes: Howler the Coyote

Arizona Coyotes Mascot Howler The Coyote

Boston Bruins: Blades the Bruin

Boston Bruins Mascot Blades The Bruin

Buffalo Sabres: Sabretooth

Buffalo Sabres Mascot Sabretooth

Calgary Flames: Harvey the Hound

Calgary Flames Mascot Harvey The Hound

Carolina Hurricanes: Stormy

Carolina Hurricanes Mascot Stormy

Chicago Blackhawks: Tommy Hawk

Chicago Blackhawks Mascot Tommy Hawk

Colorado Avalanche: Bernie the St. Bernard

Colorado Avalanche Mascot Bernie The St. Bernard

Columbus Blue Jackets: Stinger

Columbus Blue Jackets Mascot Stinger

Dallas Stars: Victor E. Green

Dallas Stars Mascot Victor E. Green (With Dallas Mavericks Mascot Champ)

Detroit Wings: Al the Octopus

Detroit Red Wings Mascot Al The Octopus

Edmonton Oilers: None

Florida Panthers: Stanley C. Panther

Florida Panthers Mascot Stanley C. Panther

Los Angeles Kings: Bailey

Los Angeles Kings Mascot Bailey

Minnesota Wild: Nordy

Minnesota Wild Mascot Nordy

Photos: / Jeff Gross, Getty via / / / / / /  / Doug Pensinger, Getty via  /  /  /  / Matt Zambonin, Getty via / /


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