NCAA Basketball: Schools with the Most Big Ten Tournament Titles

Ohio State Wins Their Fifth Big Ten Tournament (2012-13)

Ohio State Wins Their Fifth Big Ten Tournament (2012-13)

The Big Ten is really late to the Conference Tournament party (despite what the huge, gaudy trophy above might suggest).

Even though it’s been around, in one form or another, since (whoa) 1899, the conference finally buckled (I guess) into having a season-concluding Big Ten Tournament with the 1997-98 season.

Surely the reasons are financial – and how (and why) did the conference hold out for so long?

Anyway, in the 18 years (including this one) of Big Ten Tourneys, seven different schools have won the Finals, led by Ohio State with five titles.

Currently, there are 14 schools in the Big Ten, 10 of which have been members since 1948-49 or earlier.

And, as we’ve been covering with each conference tournament post, where’s Big Ten HQ? It’s in Rosemont, Illinois.

UPDATED LIST: To include 2014-15’s winner Wisconsin (the Badgers’ third).

1. Ohio State 5 2012-13  Wisconsin
2010-11  Penn State
2009-10  Minnesota
2006-07  Wisconsin
2001-02* Iowa
2. Michigan State 4 2013-14  Michigan
2011-12  Ohio State
1999-00  Illinois
1998-99  Illinois
3. Wisconsin 3 2014-15 Michigan State
2007-08 Illinois
2003-04 Illinois
4. Illinois 2 2004-05  Wisconsin
2002-03  Ohio State
4. Iowa 2 2005-06  Ohio State
2000-01  Indiana
6. Michigan 1 1997-98*
6. Purdue 1 2008-09  Ohio State

* Michigan‘s vacated 1997-98 title and Ohio State’s vacated 2001-02 title are included.



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