NBA: Every Team’s First Finals Appearance

Atlanta Hawks 1956-57 Lost to Boston Celtics as St. Louis Hawks* 1949-50
Boston Celtics 1956-57 Defeated St. Louis Hawks 1946-47
Brooklyn Nets 2001-02 Lost to Los Angeles Lakers as New Jersey Nets* 1976-77
Charlotte Hornets NA 1988-89
Chicago Bulls 1990-91 Defeated Los Angeles Lakers 1966-67
Cleveland Cavaliers 2006-07 Lost to San Antonio Spurs 1970-71
Dallas Mavericks 2005-06 Lost to Miami Heat 1980-81
Denver Nuggets NA 1976-77
Detroit Pistons 1954-55 Lost to Syracuse Nationals as Fort Wayne Pistons** 1948-49
Golden State Warriors 1946-47 Defeated Chicago Stags as Philadelphia Warriors** 1946-47^
Houston Rockets 1980-81 Lost to Boston Celtics 1967-68
Indiana Pacers 1999-00 Lost to Los Angeles Lakers 1976-77
Los Angeles Clippers NA 1970-71
Los Angeles Lakers 1948-49 Defeated Washington Capitols as Minneapolis Lakers** 1948-49
Memphis Grizzlies NA 1995-96
Miami Heat 2005-06 Defeated Dallas Mavericks 1988-89
Milwaukee Bucks 1970-71 Defeated Baltimore Bullets 1968-69
Minnesota Timberwolves NA 1989-90
New Orleans Pelicans NA 2002-03
New York Knicks 1950-51 Lost to Rochester Royals 1946-47
Oklahoma City Thunder 1977-78 Lost to Washington Bullets as Seattle SuperSonics** 1967-68
Orlando Magic 1994-95 Lost to Houston Rockets 1989-90
Philadelphia 76ers 1949-50 Lost to Minneapolis Lakers as Syracuse Nationals** 1949-50
Phoenix Suns 1975-76 Lost to Boston Celtics 1968-69
Portland Trail Blazers 1976-77 Defeated Philadelphia 76ers 1970-71
Sacramento Kings 1950-51 Defeated New York Knicks as Rochester Royals* 1948-49
San Antonio Spurs 1998-99 Defeated New York Knicks 1976-77
Toronto Raptors NA 1995-96
Utah Jazz 1996-97 Lost to Chicago Bulls 1974-75
Washington Wizards 1970-71 Lost to Milwaukee Bucks as Baltimore Bullets* 1961-62

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