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NHL: Teams That Have Come Back from 3-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals

The 2010-11 Boston Bruins Were The Last Team To Come Back From Down Three Games To Two In The Stanley Cup Playoffs Finals

The 2010-11 Boston Bruins Were The Last Team To Come Back From Being Down Three Games To Two In The Stanley Cup Playoffs Finals

Well, someone’s going to be in this position after tomorrow night. Either the Chicago Blackhawks or the Tampa Bay Lightning will be down three games to two in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The loser will have to take the series to seven games and win the final two in order to hoist the Cup.

In the history of the NHL, since the first official Stanley Cup Playoffs in 1918, the Finals have gone to seven games just 16 times. That’s 16 out of 95*  Finals (16.8 percent).

Exactly half of those series (eight) saw the team down 3-2 win it all. They are listed below, including the **1942 Toronto Maple Leafs who came back from 3-0.

The upshot? According to history, no matter who wins tomorrow night, it’s a coin flip (50-50) to call the winner.

1. 1942** Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
2. 1950 Detroit Red Wings New York Rangers
3. 1964 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
4. 1971 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks
5. 2001 Colorado Avalanche New Jersey Devils
6. 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning Calgary Flames
7. 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings
8. 2011 Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks

* 1919 was cancelled due to the global flu epidemic and 2005 was never played thanks to a lockout.


Duke and Schools with the Most NCAA Tournament Championship Game Losses

Duke Lost Its Last (And Sixth) NCAA Championship Game In 1999 To The Connecticut Huskies

Duke Lost Its Last (And Sixth) NCAA Championship Game In 1999 To The Connecticut Huskies

Duke, of course, is one of the greatest schools in NCAA Tournament history, especially through the modern era. When you’re so good, you put yourself in position for big wins – but sometimes, also, for big losses.

The Blue Devils have lost the most NCAA Championship Games, for example. They and the Kansas Jayhawks have lost the final game six times.

Duke has lost to six different schools, and if Wisconsin does to it what it did to Kentucky a couple of days ago, the Badgers will become the seventh (and give Duke sole possession of the record).

Michigan rounds out the top three with five losses of its own.

At least Duke and Kansas have won four and three titles apiece. Michigan is 1-5 all time in the Finals. You can see every school’s NCAA Championship Game W-L record here, in a previous Sports List of the Day post.

1. Duke 6 1964 UCLA
1978 Kentucky
1986 Louisville
1990 UNLV
1994 Arkansas
1999 Connecticut
1. Kansas 6 1940 Indiana
1953 Indiana
1957 North Carolina
1991 Duke
2003 Syracuse
2012 Kentucky
3. Michigan 5 1965 UCLA
1976 Indiana
1992 Duke
1993 North Carolina
2013 Louisville
4. North Carolina 4 1946 Oklahoma State
1968 UCLA
1977 Marquette
1981 Indiana
4. Ohio State 4 1939 Oregon
1961 Cincinnati
1962 Cincinnati
2007 Florida
4. Kentucky 4 1966 UTEP
1975 UCLA
1997 Arizona
2014 Connecticut
7. Georgetown 3 1943 Wyoming
1982 North Carolina
1985 Villanova
8. UCLA 2 1980 Louisville
2006 Florida
8. Syracuse 2 1987 Indiana
1996 Kentucky
8. Bradley 2 1950 CCNY
1954 La Salle
8. Butler 2 2010 Duke
2011 Connecticut
8. Dartmouth 2 1942 Stanford
1944 Utah
8. Houston 2 1983 NC State
1984 Georgetown
8. Oklahoma 2 1947 Holy Cross
1988 Kansas
15. Indiana 1 2002 Maryland
15. Cincinnati 1 1963 Loyola (Ill.)
15. Florida 1 2000 Michigan State
15. Michigan State 1 2009 North Carolina
15. Oklahoma A&M 1 1949 Kentucky
15. Arizona 1 2001 Duke
15. Arkansas 1 1995 UCLA
15. California 1 1960 Ohio State
15. La Salle 1 1955 San Francisco
15. Marquette 1 1974 NC State
15. Utah 1 1998 Kentucky
15. Villanova 1 1971 UCLA
15. Dayton 1 1967 UCLA
15. Florida State 1 1972 UCLA
15. Georgia Tech 1 2004 Connecticut
15. Illinois 1 2005 North Carolina
15. Indiana State 1 1979 Michigan State
15. Iowa 1 1956 San Francisco
15. Jacksonville 1 1970 UCLA
15. Kansas State 1 1951 Kentucky
15. Memphis 1 2008 Kansas
15. Memphis State 1 1973 UCLA
15. NYU 1 1945 Oklahoma State
15. Purdue 1 1969 UCLA
15. Seattle 1 1958 Kentucky
15. Seton Hall 1 1989 Michigan
15. St. John’s 1 1952 Kansas
15. Washington State 1 1941 Wisconsin
15. West Virginia 1 1959 California


Wrestlemania: Hulk Hogan and Wrestlers with the Most WWF/WWE Championship Match Wins

It’s huge and it’s unavoidable. There is no denying the popularity of “professional” wrestling in America, and it’s flagship event…Wrestlemania.

So Sports List of the Day has one for the “alternative sports” slot today.

Tomorrow is Wrestlemania’s 31st iteration. The 80’s phenomenon, lead in its beginning by the likes of Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Andre the Giant and is still going strong, and arguably stronger than ever in it’s niche market.

Wrestlemania 1985 No title match No title match
Wrestlemania 2 1986 Hulk Hogan King Kong Bundy Hogan defends title; Steel cage match
Wrestlemania III 1987 Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant Hogan defends title
Wrestlemania IV 1988 Randy “Macho Man” Savage Ted DiBiase Savage captures vacant title
Wrestlemania V 1989 Hulk Hogan Randy “Macho Man” Savage Hogan takes title from Savage
Wrestlemania VI 1990 The Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan The Intercontinental Champion Warrior unifies titles after defeating WWF champion Hogan
Wrestlemania VII 1991 Hulk Hogan Sgt. Slaughter Hogan takes title from Slaughter
Wrestlemania VIII 1992 Randy “Macho Man” Savage Ric Flair Savage takes title from Flair
Wrestlemania IX 1993 Yokozunza Bret Hart Yokozuna takes title from Hart
Wrestlemania IX 1993 Hulk Hogan Yokozuna Yokozuna challenged by Hogan; Hogan takes title from Yokozuna
Wrestlemania X 1994 Bret Hart Yokozuna Hart takes title from Yokozuna
Wrestlemania XI 1995 Diesel Shawn Michaels Diesel defends title
Wrestlemania XII 1996 Shawn Michaels Bret Hart Michaels takes title from Hart
Wrestlemania 13 1997 The Undertaker Sycho Sid Undertaker takes title from Sid
Wrestlemania XIV 1998 Stone Cold Steve Austin Shawn Michaels Austin takes title from Michaels
Wrestlemania XV 1999 Stone Cold Steve Austin The Rock Austin takes title from The Rock
Wrestlemania 2000 2000 Triple H The Rock, Mick Foley, Big Show Four contenders for title in elimination match; Triple H defends title
Wrestlemania X-Seven 2001 Stone Cold Steve Austin The Rock Austin takes title from The Rock
Wrestlemania X8 2002 Triple H Chris Jericho Triple H takes title from Jericho
Wrestlemania XIX 2003 Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle Lesnar takes title from Angle
Wrestlemania XX 2004 Eddie Guerrero Kurt Angle Gurerro defends title
Wrestlemania 21 2005 John Cena John Bradshaw Layfield Cena takes title from Layfield
Wrestlemania 22 2006 John Cena Triple H Cena defends title
Wrestlemania 23 2007 John Cena Shawn Michaels Cena defends title
Wrestlemania XXIV 2008 Randy Orton John Cena, Triple H Three contenders for title in elimination match; Orton defends title
Wrestlemania XXV 2009 Triple H Randy Orton Triple H defends title
Wrestlemania XXVI 2010 John Cena Batista Cena takes title from Batista
Wrestlemania XXVII 2011 The Miz John Cena The Miz defends title
Wrestlemania XXVIII 2012 CM Punk Chris Jericho Punk defends title
Wrestlemania 29 2013 John Cena The Rock Cena takes title from The Rock
Wrestlemania XXX 2014 Daniel Bryan Batista, Randy Orton Three contenders for title in elimination match; Bryan takes title from Orton
Wrestlemania 31 2015 ? ?


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