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NFL: Top 20 Players with the Most Postseason Receiving Touchdowns

Jerry Rice With One Of His All-Time Leading 22 Postseason Receiving Touchdowns, This One Against The Denver Broncos In Super Bowl XXIV

Jerry Rice With One Of His All-Time Leading 22 Postseason Receiving Touchdowns – Against The Denver Broncos In Super Bowl XXIV

Yesterday, Sports List of the Day ran down the top 20 players with the most postseason receiving yards, so it only makes sense – in the midst of the 2014 NFL playoffs – to kick it up a notch.

The next logical uptick? How about most postseason receiving touchdowns?

Again, of course, it’s Jerry Rice (22) perched on the top rung – and again he’s nearly doubled his nearest competitor, second-best John Stallworth (12).

Actives (and still active this postseason), Reggie Wayne and Steve Smith, make another appearance here, and again Wayne is one play away from third all time, joining three familiar receivers (all played in the 2000’s) with 10 playoff TDs.

There’s one tight end…where is he?…17th. It’s another active – the San Francisco 49ers‘  Vernon Davis.

1. Jerry Rice 22 29 WR San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders 1985-2004
2. John Stallworth 12 17 WR Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-1987
3. Antonio Freeman 10 16 WR Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles 1995-2003
3. Randy Moss 10 15 WR Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots 1998-2010, 2012
3. Hines Ward 10 18 WR Pittsburgh Steelers 1998-2011
6. Larry Fitzgerald 9 7 WR Arizona Cardinals 2004-Present
6. Andre Reed 9 21 WR Buffalo Bills 1985-2000
6. Lynn Swann 9 16 WR Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-1982
6. Reggie Wayne 9 19 WR Indianapolis Colts 2001-Present
10. Anquan Boldin 8 14 WR Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers 2003-Present
10. Cris Carter 8 14 WR Minnesota Vikings 1987-2002
10. Ernest Givins 8 10 WR Houston Oilers 1986-1995
10. Michael Irvin 8 16 WR Dallas Cowboys 1988-1999
10. James Lofton 8 13 WR Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills 1978-1993
10. Drew Pearson 8 22 WR Dallas Cowboys 1973-1983
10. Steve Smith 8 10 WR Carolina Panthers 2001-Present
17. Dave Casper 7 9 WR Oakland Raiders 1974-1984
17. Vernon Davis 7 8 TE San Francisco 49ers 2006-Present
17. David Givens 7 8 WR New England Patriots 2002-2006
17. Art Monk 7 15 WR Washington Redskins 1980-1995
17. Jimmy Smith 7 9 WR Jacksonville Jaguars 1992-2005
17. Brandon Stokley 7 15 WR Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos 1999-2013
17. Amani Toomer 7 11 WR New York Giants 1996-2008

* 1970-present (post-merger, modern AFC-NFC NFL). Includes playoff games and Super Bowl.

Please check out my source,, where I ran this query, and where you can see every post-merger player who scored on the fly.

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Running Backs with the Most Rushing Touchdowns in a Game

Old-Time Great And Hall Of Famer, Ernie Nevers

Old-Time Great And Hall Of Famer, Ernie Nevers

Put the NFL (and fantasy football) on notice? In just his fourth pro game ever, New England Patriots‘ running back Jonas Gray ran for 199 yards and scored four touchdowns today against the Indianapolis Colts.

More than 50 RBs in the history of the game have rushed for four TDs in a single game, now including Gray.

Only seven have done better, and that’s including one player from the very first NFL season (1922) in a contest involving two teams that no longer exist, another from 1929 on the “Chicago” Cardinals and one AFL player.

Clearly, punching it in the end zone on foot more than four times in a game is just not something you see that often. We’ve been a bit lucky, though, as it’s also happened three times in the past two decades.

At the top of today’s list is the only running back to run it in a ridiculous six times. It’s Ernie Nevers on that Chicago team not named the Bears.

Everyone else here is at five, including The Man, Jim Brown.

1. Ernie Nevers 6 Chicago Cardinals Chicago Bears Nov. 28, 1929
2. Jimmy Conzelman 5 Rock Island Independents Evansville Crimson Giants Oct. 15, 1922
2. Jim Brown 5 Cleveland Browns Baltimore Colts Nov. 1, 1959
2. Cookie Gilchrist* 5 Buffalo Bills New York Jets Dec. 8, 1963
2. Ricky Watters 5 San Francisco 49ers New York Giants Jan. 15, 1994
2. James Stewart 5 Jacksonville Jaguars Philadelphia Eagles Oct. 12, 1997
2. Clinton Portis 5 Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Dec. 7, 2003



Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and the Most Go-Ahead Touchdowns Thrown, Ever

Peyton Manning Takes The Lead (Again)

Peyton Manning Takes The Lead (Again)

Here’s a record on the verge of being broken, courtesy Peyton Manning (again). And the victim? Brett Favre (again).

According my source,‘s play index, these 20 quarterbacks have thrown the most go-ahead touchdowns – either to take the initial lead in a game or take the lead away during a game (regardless of the game’s final outcome) – in NFL history.

Favre and Manning are the only two QBs to grab the lead over 150 times, and right now, Manning needs to do it just two more times to take the historical lead. Doubtless, this record will be padded.

Drew Brees and Tom Brady, both a few years younger, might catch up to Favre, but by that time, Manning, assuming he keeps going after this season, might be too far away to reach.

1. Brett Favre 167 Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings 1991-2010
2. Peyton Manning 166 Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos 1998-Present
3. Dan Marino 134 Miami Dolphins 1983-1999
4. Drew Brees 127 San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints 2001-Present
4. Fran Tarkenton 127 Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants 1961-1978
6. Tom Brady 120 New England Patriots 2000-Present
7. Johnny Unitas 111 Baltimore Colts 1956-1973
8. Joe Montana 103 San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs 1979-1994
9. John Elway 103 Denver Broncos 1983-1998
10. Vinny Testaverde 97 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers 1987-2007
11. Drew Bledsoe 94 New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys 1993-2006
12. Sonny Jurgensen 93 Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins 1957-1974
13. Warren Moon 90 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks 1984-2000
14. Ben Roethlisberger 87 Pittsburgh Steelers 2004-Present
14. Eli Manning 87 New York Giants 2004-Present
16. Philip Rivers 86 San Diego Chargers 2004-Present
16. Dave Krieg 86 Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears 1980-1998
16. Tony Romo 86 Dallas Cowboys 2004-Present
16. Dan Fouts 86 San Diego Chargers 1973-1987
20. Carson Palmer 82 Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals 2004-Present

Check out my source, where, amazingly, you can see every single quarterback who ever threw even one go-ahead touchdown.


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